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No New Posts Rules and Mechanics of Bleach: Online World

Welcome to Bleach: Online World, the #1 Bleach Roleplay Forum. This is a unique site with more activities than any other Bleach forum. The Rules of Roleplay, Rules of Conduct, and How To's are all here.

Sub-boards: Introduction: Getting Started , Forum Mechanics: Basics, Forum Mechanics: Advanced, Rules of Conduct

16 44 Section 3: Stats and Skills
by Shizuka Sanamizu ✮
Aug 17, 2017 11:53:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Index: Guides and Templates

This is the index. You'll find the Guides for this forum here. It may also provide background information you may not know about yet. You'll also find a comprehensive list of all of our Templates for Character Creation and more!

Sub-boards: Guides, Templates

46 58 CSS Tutorial, how to make a visually appealing post
by Celos
Jan 5, 2019 2:36:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Technique Database

All techniques will be organized here for easy access. Included is a Table of Contents for ease of browsing, which can also be found in "Technique Table of Contents."

Sub-boards: Soul Society Techniques, Hueco Mundo Techniques, Human World Techniques, Hell Techniques, General Techniques

54 96 General Sinner Techniques
by Kitai Yoru
Jan 13, 2019 22:19:35 GMT -5
No New Posts Announcements and Status

This is where all announcements are held. You may also use this board to introduce yourself if you are new.

Sub-boards: Announcements , The Status Board

91 371 Introduction
by Shawn Rabuburēdo
Sept 25, 2020 19:37:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Support/Complaints Board

If you need help with anything or you have a complaint that you think is relevant to the forum, please place it in this board.

57 264 Warning:I have a lot of questions
by Aramis Tezuka
Aug 26, 2020 0:51:08 GMT -5


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No New Posts Create a Character

This is where you may create a character so that you may roleplay on this forum.

Sub-boards: Create a Shinigami, Create a Beast-Clansman, Create an Arrancar or Hollow, Create a Fullbringer, Create a Mod Soul, Create a Bount, Create a Quincy, Create a Failure, Create a Sinner, Create an NPC, Pre-Approved Characters

87 174 Akando Bena {WIP,TT}
by Akando Bena
Sept 23, 2020 20:37:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Characters and Character Information

This is where all characters that have been accepted are stored along with their information and character sheet. Rankings are also here.

Sub-boards: Who's Who?, Accepted Shinigami, Accepted Vizards, Accepted Beast-Clansmen, Accepted Hollows, Accepted Arrancar , Accepted Fullbringers, Accepted Mod Souls, Accepted Bount, Accepted Quincy, Accepted Sinners, Accepted Failures, Standard NPCs, Story NPCs, Character Rankings, Noble Families

137 648 Elke Sia, HSR, Revamp [Akki]
by Col Arana
Sept 17, 2020 2:24:48 GMT -5
No New Posts Upgrade Your Character

This is where you may upgrade your character. Please remember that you cannot upgrade for no good reason. It must be because of a reason such as becoming a Captain, a Vizard, Classing up, power overhauls, or something like that.

Sub-boards: Upgrade Your Character, Training Point Bank

464 3,231 Shawn's Outlook Into The Future
by Shawn Rabuburēdo
Sept 15, 2020 22:14:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Create Customs

This is where you'd create and register anything custom that you wish to make. This might be a custom organization or group, a custom technique for your character and race, or anything else you think of!

Sub-boards: Create an Item, Create a Technique, Create/Upgrade an Organisation

155 821 Saika Tech's
by Shawn Rabuburēdo
Sept 23, 2020 17:22:21 GMT -5

Soul Society

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No New Posts Seireitei

Seireitei (瀞霊廷, Court of Pure Souls) is in the center of Soul Society. It is a circular shiro with four main entrances, each ten days walk apart and guarded by a Gate Guardian. These gates are called the Black Ridge Gate (in the North), the Blue Stream Gate (in the East), the Red Hollow Gate (in the South), and the White Way Gate (in the West). The gates are so heavy that it takes the full might of Jidanbō Ikkanzaka to lift one.

Sub-boards: General Seireitei, Barracks, Testing Facility, Prison Area, Kuchiki Family Manor, Kawada Family Manor, Shihoin Family Manor, Kasumi'Oji Family Manor

324 3,286 [Joint Training]Sparring With Shawn Rabuburēdo
by Shawn Rabuburēdo
Sept 24, 2020 17:24:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Rukongai - 1 Viewing

Rukongai (流魂街, Wandering Soul City), also known as the Rukon District, is the largest and most populated portion of Soul Society. It is divided into 320 districts, each numbered in descending order on how far they are from the center. This results in the higher-numerated (and farther) districts decaying into slums. Thus, while District 1 is peaceful and lawful, much like the antiseptic lifestyle of early-Edo Era Kyoto, District 80 is a hardscrabble, violent, crime-infested area that more depicts Heian era Kyoto.

76 777 Practice Makes Perfect {Solo Training}
by Col Arana
Sept 15, 2020 21:03:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Wilderness

This is "Outer Rukongai." This is essentially a wilderness surrounding Rukongai. Though Soul Society is a massive world and Rukongai is continuously expanding as the years go on, there is still wilderness outside of the districts. The wilderness is untamed, filled with Hollows, and many unexplored and dangerous places.

97 1,009 Pack Practice! Issue #1
by Col Arana
Jun 2, 2020 0:32:49 GMT -5


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No New Posts Silbern

The illustrious home of the Vandenreich Empire and those who serve the Emperor. Silbern occupies the same space as the Soul Society, but resides in Schatten Bereich (Shadow Realm), which behaves inversely to its host. When it is day in the Soul Society, it is night in Silbern. A distinguishing feature of Silbern is its beautifully gothic architecture. It has tall, slender buildings with pointed archways and elaborate rib vaulting like that of the grand cathedral and throne room. The buildings are composed of ivory and onyx-colored stone, but decorated with beautiful stained glass that depicts events throughout Quincy history.

Sub-boards: Sternritter Wohnraum (Sternritter Quarters), Sternritter Gericht/Thronsaal (Sternritter Court/Throne Room), Weiterbildung (Training Field)

13 156 Meeting the Doctor: (closed training )
by Alexius Fuchs
Aug 11, 2020 22:07:46 GMT -5

Human World

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No New Posts Urahara's Shop

This is a shop owned by former Captain Urahara and possesses various goods.

2 15 Urahara's Shop: Enter, Mister Hat-and-Clogs!
by Luke Clyburn
Mar 28, 2020 20:14:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Abandoned Warehouse

This is an abandoned warehouse filled with powerful Reiatsu. Strong Hollows often gather here, as well. Meetings can be staged here. Underneath the warehouse, it is said that there are many tunnels in an entire underground labyrinth. This place is located just off the coast of Japan.

Sub-boards: Warehouse Labyrinth , The Bount Citadel

7 66 Mistress in The Woods [ JT | R ]
by Alexander Alistair
Jul 3, 2020 12:13:00 GMT -5
No New Posts Karakura Town - 1 Viewing

This is a town that houses many homes and buildings. It is peaceful, but it actually contains a large amount of Reiatsu. It is the most Hollow-infested town in existence.

Sub-boards: General Karakura, Karakura Shopping District, Vizard's Mansion, Uzaki Enterprises, Karakura Public School

408 5,468 Long Delayed Meeting [Social]
by Akio Naito
Sept 19, 2020 16:11:05 GMT -5
No New Posts Other Places

This is where you can generate threads that take place in any other place in the human world. France, Italy, Paris, The U.S, etc. All of these places can be accessed through this board.

258 2,629 I'm A Quincy [JT, Ask To Join]
by Amare Mori
Sept 12, 2020 4:39:48 GMT -5

Hueco Mundo

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No New Posts Las Noches

This is the palace of The Espada and the Arrancar.

Sub-boards: The Meeting Room, Las Noches Corridors, Espada's Rooms, Arrancar Chambers

82 850 Status Check (Social, Closed)
by Rio Demonliogalgo
Sept 12, 2020 4:55:19 GMT -5
No New Posts The White Desert

This is an infinite white sand desert under a pale moon of eternal night. There is no life but Hollows, the trees are dead, the rivers are dried up, and the weather never changes.

54 566 Memory in the Sand [Jt, Val]
by Valentin Acciai
Jul 24, 2020 2:32:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Menos Forest

This is a gigantic forest filled with Gillian and Adjuchas-level Hollows that feed on each other in order to evolve.

30 362 The Forest of the Fallen [R,Training,Open]
by Victor Karnes
Sept 14, 2020 22:43:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Escudo Base

Located somewhere in Menos Forest, this large tree is actually made of metal. It is a metal compound, the inside of which being home to many rooms belonging to Hueco Mundo's sole rebel group, the Escudo.

2 17 The Zarpa and the Sarro (Closed Social, Zegram/Col)
by Col Arana
Jan 26, 2015 3:28:05 GMT -5

Other Locations

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No New Posts Hell

No one has ever been here and returned to describe it.

2 31 Breaking Bone and Burning Ash. (Escape from Hell thread)
by Himitsu Kasumi'Oji
Feb 21, 2018 20:26:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Royal Palace

This is the Royal Palace. Rank 4 Captains are often given permission to train here. Otherwise, few are ever allowed. This palace is reached by Spirit Key or by being instantly beamed in from inside. The Spirit King's Palace resides here along with the Zero Division training facility. It is an enormous separate dimension filled with various floating platforms.

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Universal Healing Center

Come here to heal permanent wounds left after a DE or DP. Scars cost 200 Ryo per scar to heal. Lost limbs cost 1,000 Ryo per limb to heal. Lost organs cost 3,500 Ryo per organ to heal. Other serious injuries cost 500 Ryo to heal. Diseases cannot be healed. Poison costs 400 Ryo to heal.

13 21 Chiku's Recovery Boudoir
by Chiku Unoji
Apr 22, 2020 1:33:26 GMT -5
No New Posts The Black Market

Run by an underground crime syndicate, "The Black Market" is a special area where one can shop for illegal items. Laws in Soul Society, Las Noches, and Death Inc. all contain punishments for anyone that purchases from here. Be careful with buying. Don't get caught. There's one thread for every type of character to buy something illegal. This is also where bounties on RPCs are listed. If you defeat an RPC, make a reply to the Bounty Thread and post a link of the thread where you defeated said RPC (knowingly for Bounty) as proof. You will receive the reward for that person.

Sub-boards: The Black Market Shops, The Bounty Board

9 51 Soul Society Black Market
by Wycliff
Aug 30, 2020 17:21:24 GMT -5

General RP Zone

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Battle Zone

This is for PvP purposes. You cannot create a thread unless both players are agreeing to the battle.

Sub-boards: Regular Fights, Special Fights

554 6,310 Sudden Holes in Reality?
by Kiera Bright
Sept 28, 2020 3:45:14 GMT -5
No New Posts The Adventure Zone

This is where all Adventure and Quest threads go. This includes side plot Adventures and Quests and main plot Adventures and Quests.

Sub-boards: Regular Adventure Threads, Canon Adventure Threads, The Quest Zone

242 6,111 [Two options, escape or death.(closed, Hard, NDE, R) ❷✗
by Wycliff
Sept 27, 2020 20:22:54 GMT -5
No New Posts The Game Box

This is an enormous box that has multiple games inside of it that you can play.

Sub-boards: The Casino, Correspondence with Urahara: Letters to Mr. Hat & Clogs, Canon Questions, Betting Corner, Employment Corner, Zombies, Canon Fight

82 494 The Fool and the Spider
by Col Arana
Jul 16, 2020 20:43:34 GMT -5
No New Posts The Graveyard - 1 Viewing

This is the Graveyard. These are essentially the Archives. Contained here are all old threads that are either discontinued or completed and left for a long amount of time. During cleanings, threads will be put here if old. Old Canons are put here. Incomplete apps that go inactive will be archived here. Inactive characters will be put here. Old announcements and deceased characters will even be put here.

Sub-boards: Old Miscellaneous, Old Upgrades, Old IC Threads, Old OOC Threads, Old Canons, Old Characters, Deceased Characters: The Cemetery

2,195 19,424 Kitai Darkskil rework
by Ludwig Verrlicht
Aug 24, 2020 20:18:23 GMT -5

OOC Stuff

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No New Posts Discussion, Suggestions, and Polls

Want to create a thread to talk about stuff? Want to leave a suggestion for the site? This is the board for you. Here, you can create threads to discuss things, you can get support, or you can complain and suggest ways that we can improve the site. This is also where polls go.

Sub-boards: Discussion Board, Suggestions Box, Polls, Find an RP

354 1,929 New Type: Primus
by Kitai Yoru
Sept 10, 2020 19:49:21 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Area

This is where staff can discuss stuff, or where you can try to become staff.

Sub-boards: Become Staff, Become a Senior Grader, Staff Discussion , The Committee of Three

117 609 Senior Grader Application: Ray
by Luke Clyburn
May 19, 2020 19:55:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Free RP

Come here and start your own RP thread of any subject you want. All the rules and limitations are up to you. However, those who create B:OW-based threads here to play a character before approval, please take note: threads created in Free RP cannot be moved to the main forum sections to be graded later. These are purely reward-less threads.

108 1,509 [Open]Sparring with Hopefuls
by Yuna Xiao
May 11, 2020 21:01:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Creative Writing and Ideas

This is where you can post short stories, poems, songs, all sorts of other media, or just start creative topics to discuss.

62 263 Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me
by Giorno's Piano
Jan 18, 2020 22:02:53 GMT -5
No New Posts Affiliates and Advertising

Advertising on Bleach: Online World happens here.

Moderator: Zou ۞

Sub-board: Link Back

770 781 Fairy Tail RP
by Kenzo
Aug 18, 2020 17:46:36 GMT -5


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